Lesley is amazing. She did an energy scan on me and right away pinpointed the major issues in my life, without my even telling her I HAD issues! She helped me bring them into the light and gave me an amazing self-healing technique to use on my own after the session. Lesley was warm and compassionate throughout. I felt very comfortable with her and look forward to working with her again. Anne M - USA
"Lesley  has used EFT to help me to deal with many issues and very uncomfortable emotions that have for many years governed my life on every level, sapping me of self worth and holding me back. Lesley has a lovely caring nature and I felt at ease straight away ,so together, we stripped away all my hang ups and demons. I feel liberated, healthy, and generally happier with everything. The whole experience has empowered me and I no longer try to blend into the background or seek approval. In fact, I can truly say 'I like myself' now which is something I could never do. I can't thank you enough Lesley." Steph - France

"Our 5 EFT Sessions have made a huge différence to all aspects of my life, higher self esteem and confidence. I am  no longer burdened by old sexual abuse issues that have plagued my life and marriage.  Thanks from both myself and my husban.   EFT and Matrix Reimprinting sessions have  truely  changed my life - thankyou Lesley." 
Sue and Ian, Sheffield, UK

"You have helped me so much and eased my pain, you are so caring, kind and freely give your love to those in need."
R.C.- Bristol

"After one session, I feel so much better, like a huge burden has been lifted since our session - thank you." 
A.S. - Cornwall

"I am feeling so much better physically and emotionally, you are excellent at EFT and will help many people."
Steve - EFT Practitioner and M.E. sufferer

"My fear of flying made travelling a nightmare but our one session has freed me to even enjoy the flight. Brilliant success and thank you again."
Nadia D - London

"Lesley is an extremely gifted, sensitive, and knowledgeable guide who gave me sound advice about how I can enhance my own gifts as a healer. Her guided meditations brought me calm and ease while helping me with my overall self-confidence. Because she has so much experience personally and professionally with people from many different backgrounds, her honest and sincere words of encouragement for me to stay on my path despite the challenges I face were taken to heart. I recommend her services to anyone seeking clarity and healing from a beautiful soul."
Rachel R, Chicago, IL, USA

"I would 100% recommend Lesley!!! I first contacted Lesley in December 2015 and booked 5 sessions with her. I had been in a negative, abusive relationship for 15 years and knew I needed to get out but could not see any way forward. When I first spoke to Lesley, I felt like my feet were stuck in mud and she did a screening and all my energy sources were completely gummed up! Within two sessions I was ready to move forward! I moved into my own flat on Easter Monday and feel like a completely different person!! Family, friends and colleagues have all commented that I look happy, free and even younger!! I know that Lesley learned some of the techniques she uses in order to help a member of her own family and she is now able to help people get their lives back from the brink!!
Words can't express how much I thank you, Lesley!!"

"Lesley has been a true blessing to me in helping me to have greater clarity on what I am now going through, especially assisting me in stepping into my life in more concrete ways. Her time, insight, presence and undaunting commitment to being totally focused in moving me to where I desire to be has been a precious gift. I am looking forward to seeing what else is possible. Thank you Lesley!"
Dixie in Florida, USA

My purpose and passion in life is to help inspire other people to Live the Life they Desire by helping them to resolve problems of their past and worries of their future and to live now.

My own personal growth and family medical problems led me to train in EFT, Faster EFT, The Emotion Code as well as Matrix Re-imprinting (energy psychology), NLP and Life Coaching.

My sessions are a unique blend of these different therapies, I offer tears and laughter and 100% of myself, to assist people to heal and live the life they deserve and desire.

My sessions are a mixture of all my trainings but I mainly use the cutting edge tools of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. These Energy Psychology tools assist people to resolve their past and move forward to a lasting personal change and positive future.

It is not a magic pill.

Change takes time and effort and is not always easy but it is certainly worthwhile.


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